School Introduction - The Benefits of Attending the ABK COLLEGE

The ABK Network, curriculum and teaching materials designed for improving your Japanese proficiency and ability to attain various licenses.

Benefit 1:Student dormitories that make you part of the family, providing you with safety and assurance from the first day you come into Japan.

The ABK Group dormitories are run with the desire to "be able to interact with and understand each other, building friends that overcome the racial and nationality barrier." ABK is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with staff ready at any time to respond to emergency calls and situations. In addition, on average, about 50 University graduate, undergraduate, and 2-year college ABK alumni remain in our dormitories, providing support for your daily life needs. Japanese University students also live in our dormitories, although in small numbers.

Affiliations of our dormitory students as of January 2014:

<Graduate Programs>
Tokyo University, Chuo University, Nihon University, Toyo University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Gakushuin University, Keio University, Saitama University, Aoyama University, Waseda University, Meiji University, Hosei University, Bunka Fashion University, and more

<Undergraduate Programs>
Chuo University, Digital Hollywood University, Toyo University, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Nihon University, Gakushuin University, Sophia University, Tokyo University, Rikkyo University, and more

<Vocational/2-year Programs>
Hiko-Mizu Jewelry College, Tokyo Design Technology Center College, International Dual Business College, Sundai College of Travel & Hotels, Sundai College of Foreign Languages and Business, Japan Electronics College, and more

Total number of schools: 102

Benefit 2:Curriculum that deepens your understanding of Japan, based around 'ACE'

<Original educational materials that are directly related to your degree>

ABK COLLEGE was founded as a subsection of the Asian Students Cultural Association, which founded the Japanese Language School 'ABK Japanese Course' in 1983.
When founded, the Japanese Language school had 60 staff members, but now, 30 years later, boasts a faculty of over 400.
Having put much effort into developing our own educational materials, we've created materials that are usable by not only our students, but for the typical foreigner outside of our organization. These have been published in Japan and even abroad.

Out of the 30+ books we have published in Japan and abroad, the "Kanzen Master Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 Grammar Workbook (3A Corporation)" boasts an unwavering popularity ever since it was published 15 years ago. In 2013, we launched the "TRY! Learning Japanese from Grammar (ASK Corporation)" series of 5 books to tackle the new Japanese Language Proficiency Test from the N5 level through N1. Of course, these have been published in both Japan and abroad.
Putting together the 30 years of Japanese Language Education know-how, these original teaching materials will allow you to efficiently raise your Japanese proficiency while keeping in line with examinations such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

<Activities and Optional Curriculum to Expand your Understanding>

At the ABK COLLEGE, we hold many events and activites that may allow you to get to know Japan and Japanese people better.
In addition to the school's internal events, local Elementary and Middle School interaction events and University Open Lessons, you can get to know Japan through meeting Japanese people by attending activities and the Japanese Conversational Practice Circles held by the Japanese volunteer group "Friends of the ABK Study Abroad Students Association".
The Optional Curriculum courses will deepen you understanding of those Japanese expressions, cultural backgrounds, etc that are difficult to learn through standard classes, activities, and dormitory life.

<Examples of Optional Curriculum Courses>
Learning Idiomatic Expressions, The Japanese concept of "now",
Japanese in Advertisements, Tokyo Strolling Business Japanese,
Reception/Service Japanese, "Scary" Japanese, Nuances in Japanese,
University Admission and Job Hunting Preparation Course,
Japanese in Quizes and Puzzles, and more

Benefit 3:The Global ABK Network! There are over 10,000 ABK Alumni all over the world

The ABK Network

The ABK Alumni roster numbers over 10,000 people.
From start-up entrepreneurs to University professors and exchange student support group members, they are employed in a wide variety of fields.

(※Since the Asian Student Cultural Association was established in 1957, this includes ABK dormitory students and Japanese Course Alumni)


ABK Alumni Information

  • China
  • Mr.Shang Jie
    尚 捷
  • CEO, InfoDeliver
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Graduate of ABK JLI


  • Hong Kong
  • Mr.Ronald Kee-Young Chao
    曹 其鏞
  • Vice Chairman, Novel  Enterprises Limited
  • University of Tokyo
  • EX-resident of ABK Dormitory
  • India
  • Dr.Garugu Hisamaro
  • Chairman & COO,
    NuLink Co.Ltd.,Japan
  • Postgraduate School, Banaras Hindu University, India
  • Ex-resident of ABK Dormitory
  • Indonesia
  • Mr.Hideki Amangku
  • Association of Indonesian Alumni from Japan(PERSADA)First Vice Secretary General
  • Postgraduate School, Toyo University
  • Ex-instructor, ABK Asian Seminar

  • Korea
  • Dr.Hahn Young Koo
    韓 英鳩
  • Former Professor, IFANS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Korea
  • Postgraduate School, University of Tokyo
  • Ex-resident of ABK Dormitory
  • Malaysia
  • Mr.Ang Khoon Chye
    汪 坤才
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Ex-resident of ABK Dormitory
  • Myanmar
  • Mr.Myint Wai
  • President, Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni(MAJA)
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Ex-trainee of AOTS
  • Singapore
  • Ms.Foo Choo Wei
    符 祝慧
  • Tokyo Correspondent, Lianhe Zaobao
  • Postgraduate School, University of Tokyo
  • Ex-resident of ABK Dormitory

  • Taiwan
  • Ms.Hsieh Hui Hsing
    謝 慧馨
  • Psychologist, Counseling Center, National Tsing Hua University
  • Postgraduate School, Tokyo International University
  • Graduate of ABK JLI
  • Thai
  • Dr.Wiwut Tanthapanichakoon
  • Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Postgraduate School, University of Texas, USA
  • Trustee, ABK COLLEGE
  • Vietnam
  • Mr.Dao Duy An
  • Vice Chairman, COPRONA INC.
  • Postgraduate School, University of Tokyo
  • ABK(Shinsei Gakuryo Dormitory) Ex-resident

Benefit 4:The new campus built by ABK's Human Network

The ABK College campus was built in 2013 by the generous donations and cooperation by the ABK dormitory students, Japanese Language students, and the many other people who have worked with us.
The start of it all was in 2007 during a 50-year ABK reunion event held in Bangkok, Thailand. There, ABK Alumni from various asian countries gathered and discussed the course of ABK for the next 50 years. In the middle of that discussion, the idea was raised that there should be a new school built with the same feel as the old school dormitory. However, whereas ABK wanted to build a new school, there were not enough funds to do so. To solve this problem, the ABK Alumni stood up and began fundraising all over the world. Through various social networks such as Facebook, the word was spread to everyone concerned across the world, and fundraising parties were held in various countries.

Campus Appearance

Campus Appearance.
A fashionable design and the latest thermic insulation.

At the ABK COLLEGE's construction anniversary

The Opening Ceremony.
At the ABK COLLEGE's construction anniversary.

The ABK Alumni Donators' Name Plate

The ABK Alumni
Donators' Name Plate.
Set up in the entrance hall.

Mrs. Yuki Sugiura is an alumni of the Shinsei Dormitory and mother of the former Minister of Justice Seiken Sugiura. In addition, Yasuko Mizoue is a former professor at the University of Shimane who devoted her life to fighting racism and improving women's rights. These two ladies made their donations to help asian exchange students. To express our gratitude and honor their noble wishes, we have designated the #4 and #8 classrooms in the ABK College as the "Yasuko Mizoue Honorary Classroom" and "Yuki Sugiura Honorary Classroom" respectively.

The #4 Classroom

The #4 Classroom
The Yasuko Mizoue Honorary Classroom's
nameplate, located on the 2nd floor.

The #8 Classroom

The #8 Classroom
The Yuki Sugiura Honorary Classroom's
nameplate, located on the 3rd floor.

Benefit 5: Located in the Tokyo, Bunkyo Ward, a location filled with famous universities and perfect for learning.

Starting with Tokyo University, the Bunkyo Ward is filled with many of Japan's famous univeresities. ABK (アジア文化会館) carries the role of being a center for interaction between Japanese university students and foreign exchange students.
As the Bunkyo Ward is filled with students and enjoys a very low crimerate, you can enjoy your student life and Japan's four seasons.

Tokyo University

Tokyo University

Yushima Tenshin

Yushima Tenshin



Benefit 6:The reliability and reassurance of being backed by a school entity.

The Asian Students Cultural Association has been supporting exchange students for over 50 years as a school entity, so you can rest assured with us.

The parent association of the ABK College is the Asian Cultural Association. That organization first received its permit as a public entity from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 1957. It was originally established in 1924, and after WWII changed its name to the Shinsei Dormitory(*1), and is still functioning as a student dormitory today. This association established ABK (*2) in 1960 as an association and meeting hall for researchers, exchange students, and research students from abroad. Ever since, we have welcomed foreign exchange and research students with open arms. In addition, we have gained great trust even from foreign governments, and have welcomed many government-sponsored students as well.
Our organization was founded by one that has supported exchange students for a very long time, so we hold a great deal of reliability and trust.

*1 Shinsei Dormitory

*1 Shinsei Dormitory

*The completion of the ABK building in 1960

*2 The completion of the ABK building in 1960