Course Fees

Payment of fees is possible through either a direct bank deposit or by credit card as the following 3 ways.
Please note that if we fail to receive payment by the due date, then your application may be regarded as cancelled.
Also note that any bank/deposit fees must be paid by sender.
Registration fee that have been paid cannot be refunded for any reason.

Way of payment A Flywire
You pay the fees to the designated bank account by Flywire. You may not need to pay international remittance charge accoding to country / district and currency. You cay pay the fees by credit card, too. Please check credit card charge before using service. Please refer to the following address.

Way of payment B   Remittance to the our bank account in Japan directly
Bank Name : Mizuho Bank Hongo Branch
Account No. : 075-2908788   Swift Code : MHCBJPJT   Account Name : ABK COLLEGE
Bank Address : 3-43-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Bank phone No. : 81-3-3812-3261
Please fill in student's name and refference No. in the remarks.

Way of payment C   Paypal - Payment by credit card or bank account
For Registration fee, Admission fee and etc. You cannot pay regular course fee by this way. Please click 「カートに追加」 of the fee. Instruction is in Japanese only. Please input student reference No. in the item 「アカウント番号」. Click here.