Course Outline

On top of our Japanese Education know-how and plentiful University data, our detailed, individually-tailored instruction is guaranteed to grant you the skills you require to succeed!

At the ABK COLLEGE, our veteran instructors, who have spent long years teaching Japanese here at the Asian Student Cultural Association’s ABK Japanese Course, will personally guide your studies. We at the ABK COLLEGE provide an environment where you can be guaranteed to learn and excel from our experienced instructors. Using our unique ACE (Academic-Culture-Experience) program as a base, we provide a well-balanced Japanese learning curriculum and match our examination and admissions guidance according to your personal level and needs.

Prep.Course 1 (Studies with the aim of advancing education, employment, daily life, and acquiring qualifications)

  Admission Date Course Duration Entry Requirements
1-Year course Course Admissions in April 860hours/1 year For beginners, intermediate and advanced-level students.
1-Year and 3 Months course Course Admissions in January 1040hours/1year and 3 months For those whose Japanese language proficiency level is N5 or higher level.
1-Year and 6 Months course Course Admissions in October 1,290hours/1 year and 6 months For beginners, intermediate and advanced-level students.
1-Year and 9 Months course Course Admissions in July 1,470hours/1year and 9 months For beginners, intermediate and advanced-level students.
2-Years course Course Admissions in April 1,720hours/2 years For beginners and intermediate-level students, especially students from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar etc., who have no exposure to the language of Kanji.

Prep.Course 2 (Preparatory education program accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEXT))

  Admission Date Course Duration Entry Requirements
1-Year course Course Admissions in April

860hours(Japanese)+120hours(General subjects)/1 year

For intermediate and advanced-level students.
1-Year and 6 Months course Course Admissions in October 1,290hours(Japanese)+120hours(General subjects)/1 year and 6 months For beginners, intermediate and advanced-level students.

Prep. Course 2 has received official designation as a Preparatory Course from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. This means that students from countries such as Malaysia who have completed only 11 years of secondary education (Form 5) are eligible to enter a Japanese university or vocational school after the completion of this course.

The main points of our Japanese levels and classes

For beginners, our classes are focused primarily on (1), where as you rise through the intermediate and advanced levels, instruction from (2) and (3) increases. We will provide you with Japanese Language instruction balanced to your own level. The Exam and Admissions guidance provided in (4) is done for all students, tailoring to their personal Japanese levels.

※BJT : Business Japanese Proficiency Test

3 distinct features of Japanese language education/ coaching

ABK COLLEGE continues the spirit and accomplishments of The ABK Japanese Language Institute.

(1) Over 30 years of professionalism in Japanese language coaching and higher education counselling.

The coaching and education are individually tailored to meet the specific needs and purposes of each student.
The design of coaching courses are done by actively utilizing information from databases , such as Japanese Language Proficiency Test results, academic results of EJU, and college/ university advancements.

(2)Japanese Examinations Strategies & Techniques

Excercise books on the Japanese developed in ABK Japanese Language lnstitute has been sold throughout the globe since 2002. ABK COLLEGE utilise this essence.

(3)Rich information on universities, graduate schools and colleges

Since 1981, Asian Students Cultural Association has started to distribute the Guide books on the Graduate School Admission From 2006 until today, it has also distributed the Guide books on the University Admission.

Support for Employment in Japan

We support the students who want to work in Japan after graduate ABK COLLEGE. Every year, about 50 students have gotten job offer and have successful.

(1)Graph of successful employment

ABK COLLEGE students have gotten over 300 job offers!

(2)Support schedule

It takes more 1 year for job hunting in Japan, but it doesn't match with Japanese language school students, then we have a special job hunting schedule for you to get a job !

(3)Introducing job offers

We introduce some job offers on school notice board. ABK COLLEGE is a member of following;

  • ●License for Free Employment Placement services (飯職発第532号)

Also, we get some job offers from Hello Work (public employment security office) and other support groups.

The 3 key words in ABK COLLEGE Education

ABK COLLEGE adheres to the following [ ACE ].


To achieve the highest standards in their Japanese language ability, required the education field, as well as business areas.

  • Provide thorough counselling for exam preparations to enter graduate schools/colleges; and coach students in skills required for interviews.
  • Conduct Mock Test on Japanese Language Proficiency Test, EJU (Japanese language Subject), BJT Business Japanese Test and other test strategies.


Emphasize on the understanding and learning of Japanese culture.

  • Japanese drama series and movies are used as teaching materials.
  • General Studies are conducted for better learning of Japanese affairs-the geography, history, economics, culture and latest news in Japan. This makes life easier for those who plan to work and live in Japan, or work in Japanese companies in your home country after having completed studies in Japan.


Place emphasis in developing strong Japanese language communication skills through experience and activities.

  • Develop fluent Japanese langugage communication skills by encouraging students to chat with fellow volunteers from Japan.
  • Invite our alumni and Japanese people who are actively involved in various fields of expertise to share with us their valuable experience and knowledge.