WEB Short-term Course

Course will open 4 times in Year 2021

(April 2021, July 2021, October 2021, January 2022)

Online Trial Class

Course Duration & Course fee

Course Duration Fee
1st Period 1 month course 8th Apr. 2021(Thu)~30th Apr.(Fri) JPY 25,000
2 months course 8th Apr. 2021(Thu)~31st May(Mon) JPY 75,000
3 months course 8th Apr.2021(Thu)~30th Jun.(Wed) JPY 125,000
2nd Period 1 month course 1st Jul. 2021(Thu)~21st Jul.(Wed) JPY 25,000
2 months course 1st Jul. 2021(Thu)~31st Aug.(Tue) JPY 75,000
3 months course 1st Jul. 2021(Thu)~30th Sep.(Thu) JPY 125,000
3rd Period 1 month course 1st Oct. 2021(Fri)~29th Oct.(Fri) JPY 50,000
2 months course 1st Oct. 2021(Fri)~30th Nov.(Tue) JPY 100,000
3 months course 1st Oct. 2021(Fri)~17th Dec.(Fri) JPY 150,000
4th Period 1 month course 5th Jan.2022(Wed)~31st Jan.(Mon) JPY 50,000
2 months course 5th Jan.2022(Wed)~28th Feb(Mon) JPY 100,000
3 months course 5th Jan. 2022(Wed)~11th Mar.(Fri) JPY 125,000
  • Orientation and placement test will be held before the above study duration.
  • Class time:9:00 - 12:30 or 13:30-17:00

                      45 minutes ×4 classes(10 mins rest time in every class)

  • Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, Japanese national holidays and school holidays
  • Those who would like to continue taking next period course, have to re-apply this WEB short-term course.
  • The class might not open in the 2nd period and 4th period.

Application Period

Application period should be made to 2 weeks before the course start date. 

Application Form

WEBコース オンライン出願フォーム



*国籍 Nationality

*生年月日 Date of Birth


氏名(漢字) Name in Chinese

*氏名(英字) Name in English

FAMILY Name, GIVEN Name(s), Previous Family name

*性別 Gender

男性 Male 女性 Female

*出生地 Birth Place



*申請者住所 Applicant's address

*申請者E-mailアドレス Applicant's Email


携帯電話番号 Mobile Phone Number

固定電話番号 Home Phone Number


*日本語学習歴 Japanese language study background

*日本語試験成績 Japanese qualification

日本語試験名・級・受験年月 What Japanese language test, Which level, When

試験名 何級 受験年月 
e.g.)JLPT N5 2019年12月

*入学希望年 Expected entry year

*入学希望月 Expected entry month

*入学希望課程 Expected entry course

メッセージ Message


  1. Input Application form.
  2. Submit Photograph, Passport data to email: info@abk.ac.jp
  3. Receive school screening result.
  4. Make course fee payment.
  5. Participate in orientation and placement test.
  6. Check your class and start taking class.


  • Course fee that have been paid, cannot be refunded as general rule.
  • Study Materials data will be send by email.
  • Web students are registered s non-regular students and can take fixed class only during study period.
  • Web students have to follow class teachers' instructions, attend in fixed class, submit the homework and report, attend in mini test and regular test. In case that an web student's study condition has any problem, he/she might be not allow to take class.
  • Web students could not apply for scholarship and university recommendation system that our institute offers.


The payment of Course fee could be made by credit card.
Please note that if we could not receive payment by the due date, your application might be regarded as cancelled
Also note that any bank/deposit fees must be paid by sender.
★Registration fee that have been paid cannot be refunded for any reason.

You could pay the fees to the designated bank account by Flywire and no need to worry about international remittance charge. You also could pay by credit card, but please check credit card charge before using service.
Please refer to the following address.


2-12-12 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-0021 
電話:(81)3-6912-0756 FAX:(81)3-6912-0757