ABK (Asia Bunka Kaikan) has worked together with foreign students since 1957, but now it is time to move forward as the newly opened ABK COLLEGE.

Long Term Course more than 1 year
To Current Residents of Japan
Short Term Course


The 3 key words in ABK COLLEGE Education

ABK COLLEGE adheres to the following "ACE".


To achieve the highest standards in their Japanese language ability, required in the education field, as well as business areas.

  • Provide thorough counselling for exam preparations to enter graduate schools/ colleges; and coach students in skills required for interviews.
  • Conduct Mock Test on Japanese Language Proficiency Test, EJU (Japanese language Subject), BJT Business Japanese Test and other test strategies.





MOU sign ceremony between University of Dhaka and ABK COLLEGE

On 17th April 2016, MOU signing ceremony has been held between Dhaka university in Bangladesh and ABK College at Dhaka university.

(The center on the photo is Mr.Tsukuda, president of ABK College and the left side of him is a Professor Md.Khamal Uddin, Treasurer of University of Dhaka and Professor Iffat Ara Nasreen Majid,Institute of Modern Languages, University of Dhaka)

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