【2022年4月期の入国に向けて】         New Developments on Immigration Restrictions for April 2022

1. 2022年4月期の入国に向けて (2022年03月29日)


来日日程が決まったら、指定のGoogle Formから情報を送ってくださいね。



Mar. 29th, 2022 update

Students will come to Japan from March 10th after successfully obtaining student visa!

If you have decided on your flight to Japan,

please inform us by the designated Google Form.


Mar. 29th,2022 UPDATE

②【日本語】入国方法について(20220327版) .pdf
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②【ENG】Entry Japan Procedure(20220327版) .
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②【繁体字】入国方法について(20220327版) .pdf
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②【簡体字】入国方法について(20220327版) .pdf
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③All about application.pdf
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2. 2022年4月期の入国に向けて (2022年02月28日)







Feb 28th, 2022 update

 The foreign students can entry Japan from 1st March.

The important documents for apply student Visa such as, Certificate of eligibility,

Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system, and Declaration will be

sent to student who already paid course fee in turn.

We are preparing those documents, please wait for a moment.

Japan entry information is also preparing.

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Flow to coming to Japan.pdf
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3. 2022年4月期の入国に向けて (2022年02月18日)






Feb.18,2022 update

On the 17th of February at 19:00, Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference officially announcing the loosening of immigration restrictions.

【Press conference content excerpt】

Regarding the waiting period for immigrants (including pre-immigration inspection and immigration inspection), 

if the 3rd day COVID inspection is negative, the principle of waiting period of 7 days will be 3 days. 

During this time, those with high-risk will continue to be on standby at the facility. 

In addition, the waiting period will be 0 day for immigrants with a 3rd booster vaccination from non-designated countries where the infection rate has settled down.

The number of people entering Japan per day will be returned from 3,500 to 5,000 and the number of international visitors allowed in will be increased gradually.


4. 2022年4月期の入国に向けて (2022年02月15日)






Government New Policy for April 2022 International Students

As of 15th Feb 2022, the Japan government has announced a plan to  start relaxation of immigration restrictions for international students and business travelers from March 2022.

We will update if we have any additional information.


5. 留学生の入国が、2021年11月より開始 (2021年11月13日)















International students start to enter Japan in Nov.2021

※This measure has now been suspended.

As of Nov.5th,2021, Immigration Services Agency of Japan has announced that Japan will open the gate for International Students in November 2021.

However, the holder of COE remains at 370,000  at present. 

The holder as below can start to enter Japan according to their issue date of COE.

①the issue date of COE from January 1st,2020 to March 31st,2020

   ⇒possible to enter  Japan in Nov.2021

②the issue date of COE from January 1st,2020 to september 30th,2020

   ⇒possible to enter  Japan in Dec.2021

③he issue date of COE from January 1st,2020 to Mar.31st,2021 

   ⇒possible to enter  Japan in Jan.2022 


6. 緊急事態宣言 解除後の対応 (2021年11月1日)



1. 教室の換気を常におこないます。

2. 校内に入る前に、手指消毒、AI 自動体温測定器で体温測定をおこないます。

3. 感染拡大予防のため、風邪症状がある場合はオンラインで授業を受けてもらいます。

4. 熱がある場合は、欠席として扱いません。

5. 登校に不安のある学生は、自宅からオンラインで授業を受けることを許可します。

6. 校内では、全員、マスクを着用します。

7. 教室内の学生数を制限し、密を避けます。

8. 風邪症状がある学生には、病院を紹介するなど適切な対応を行います。

The Covid 19 countermeasures after the stage of emergency lifted (Nov.1st 2021) 

We continue carry out Japanese language school activities while taking the following measures against corona infection. 

1. Always ventilate the classroom.

2. Before entering ABK, we will check body temperature by AI body temperature measuring and disinfect your hands.

3. The students who have cold symptoms, have to study online to prevent spread of infection.

4. When the students who have fever absent, we will not treat them as absence.

5. The students who want to take class at home are allowed to study online.

6. Everybody in school has to wear mask.

7. We limit the number of students in the classroom to avoid crowds.

8. we will take appropriate measures such as introducing a hospital for the student who has cold symptoms.